Linux Server Management Assignment 5 – Configuring Live-USB with few commands

H5 Configure Live-USB with few commands

Assignment given by Tero Karvinen

Poikkeuksellisesti pidempi palautusaika w18 perjantaina 2018-05-04 12:00 asti. Vappupäivänä ei ole opetusta. Hauskaa Wappua!

a) Valitse aihe omaksi kurssityöksi ja varaa se kommenttina aikataulusivun perään.

b) Julkaise raportti MarkDownilla. Jos käytät GitHub:ia, se tekee muotoilun automaattisesti “.md”-päätteisiin dokumentteihin.

c) Aja oma Salt-tila suoraa git-varastosta. Voit joko tehdä tilan alusta lähtien itse tai forkata sirottimen.

Testing Environment

For this assignment I used Laptop Asus model RS17S and live-usb with Ubuntu 18.04. When I am using live-usb so to download some programs I have to go Software & Updates and check the Community-maintained free and open-source software (niverse)


Building an SaltState module for configuring your live-usb fast

This is the last assignment for the course. I had to pick and idea for an live-usb configuration and this assignment I had to do using MarkdDown. Github is really good for this as it support Markdown files.

I asked few of my friends what they would want to have for configuration live-usb. They gave me a few idea what they would like to have on a fresh live-usb.

More detailed explanation I will have in my Github repository. Shortly for my configuration I wanted to automatically update and upgrade, so i can install anything I had to enable universe, set keyboard layout language, make two terminals open side-by-side, program for writing code I chose atom.

And if you dont want to read or look at my code. You can quickly install it and see what it does with just 2 commands:


(There is one extra space so that the would run.)

Github link for my module



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